Commissioning a facial reconstruction


Three-dimensional facial reconstructions are a spectacular way to attract attention from the media and the public.
What are the requirements for a facial reconstruction?
· The original skull, or a scan or replica of the skull, preferably as complete as possible.
· Known age, sex, health and population group. *
· Information on the circumstances and era in which the subject lived.
*Note: Age, sex and health can also be established by Skullpting.

· Construction of a matching body with period clothing.
· A reconstruction made from other materials such as bronze. Alternatively, synthetic materials can be made to resemble other materials, such as marble.
· A reconstruction made of clay, for non-permanent needs such as article illustrations.
· A two-dimensional facial reconstruction in either black and white, full colour, hand drawn or more photorealistic.

After consultation and inspection (if required) of the original material a quotation van be offered.