The first coastal dwellers >>> Ypje

3700 – 3400 BCE, New Stone Age




04-ypje af front bew


The first facial reconstruction was that of a young woman between 25 and 35 years of age.
She was named Ypje, after her find spot, Ypenburg. Ypje is also on display as a bronze bust in Park Het Baken in Ypenburg.

The movie from the CT-scan data of the skull, is made in the Image Sciences Institute, of the University Medical Center Utrecht with acknowledgements to dr. K.L. Vincken.

film: ISI / UMC-Utrecht

Client: Ypje was commissioned by Dienst Grondzaken, dept. V & H of Rijswijk.

Client: The bronze bust was commissioned by the dept. of Archaeology of The Hague.