The first coastal dwellers >>> male

3700 – 3400 BCE, New Stone Age

Fielddrawing afd. V & H, Rijswijk

Fielddrawing afd. V & H, Rijswijk

2-Y man 2

3-Y man 2a

4-Y man 3 bew

5-Y man 4

6-Y man 5

The older man

It is unknown whether this man was related to the women and young child of this gravefield. He died in his mid fifties, which was a respectable age for that time period. He belonged to the senior citizens in his community. A bronze bust is also made of his face.

The skull is scanned in the University Medical Center Utrecht / Image Sciences Institute. Here dr. K.L. Vincken has processed and adapted the digital skull data.

Exhibition:  The man is on display at the “The first coastal dwellers” -exhibition at the Museon Museum.

Exhibition: The bronze bust can be seen in Park Het Baken in Ypenburg.

Client: The reconstructions are commissioned by the dept. of Archaeology of The Hague.